The Evolution of the Library

#52Ancestors At The Library My road to research has taken a 38 year journey through Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, South Carolina, Oregon, Connecticut, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland and Hungary. It began with an infant on my lap as I found the genealogical holdings could be found close to home at the county library. Genealogical Librarian, Barbara … Continue reading The Evolution of the Library

I’d Like To Meet… Sylvia Chamberlin Lamb

#52Ancestors - My 3rd great grandmother Dear Sylvia,   During my many years of research, I have always thought that I would love to not only meet you, but have an amazing conversation with you about your life. There are so many unanswered questions that have no possibility of being answered now that you have … Continue reading I’d Like To Meet… Sylvia Chamberlin Lamb

Unusual Name =Challenge James Rutledge #52Ancestors

James Rutledge - It is family oral history that we are connected to the first Governor of South Carolina, John Rutledge. While we have no definitive information to validate this claim, the search for more about the personal life of James Rutledge (1756-1817) has continued. His only known daughter, Narcissa Rutledge, (my 4th great-grandmother) married … Continue reading Unusual Name =Challenge James Rutledge #52Ancestors