Large Family


When we look at our family, we often refer to the size…number of siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. We may determine that an only child or maybe a sibling or two is a small family. Often families become disconnected and we may just conclude…it’s a small family. I have been doing genealogy since 1980…wow! It’s been 39 years since I first saw my family tree which stretched back four or five generations of grandparents names. As time went on, I really began to dig for more.

I began to chase the rabbit down the hole as I was looking for clues to find fragments of information, clues and hints for one person and the chase was on! I often find those cousins removed a few times and so on. Ultimately, what I have discovered is how truly LARGE my family is. And there is diversity of religions, blended nationalities and connections. We may not know many of our living relatives due to the disconnect over years and miles of separation as we are a more mobile society. We are a web of mystery, stories and complexities. We are all shaped directly and indirectly by the generations that have long gone before us. I have over 3,500 people in my tree. Each of them is a gift and a contribution to the LARGE pool of familial history and they are what drives my curiosity to learn more.

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