#52Ancestors – First

Preston Maxwell Appleby & Dorothy Evelyn Westbrook
Married: February 5, 1932
Wheeling, WV

As I have researched since 1980, I have always considered my grandparents to be the foundation of the family. I will add more to their story in the coming days and weeks. I began the old fashioned way by scouring libraries, cemeteries, genealogical societies, birth, marriage, death and census records in books and microfilm. The journey has been long, winding and educational. I have tried to learn more about the family, their struggles, challenges and triumphs in an effort to move them beyond facts on paper. My goal has been to humanize them, not simply collect the facts. Follow me as I share their stories to the best of my ability.

Preston Maxwell Appleby was born February 3, 1908 in Ruffin, South Carolina. (Colleton County)

Dorothy Evelyn Westbrook was born August 6, 1906 in Bedford, Ohio. (Cuyahoga County)

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